About Us

Find out why NetiHealth started. Read the history behind why we started selling Neti pots - from beneficial personal experience with an obscure ancient Indian Yoga practice - to an extraordinarily popular health product which became mainstream and has now

Our Beginning

Hello, my name is Paul and I operate NetiHealth UK. First of all thank you for visiting my site.

A bit of background.. After suffering persistent sore throats, ear and sinus infections I began looking online at alternative health treatments as conventional treatments weren't helping.

While researching online I discovered that ear, nose and throat infections are commonly caused by bacteria which inhabits the sinuses. Something I had never even considered, but quite obvious when you think about it since most bacteria and pathogens enter the body through the nose and respiratory system.

It was then that I first learned about an ancient Indian holistic health system called Jala Neti, and the practise of using a Neti pot to cleanse the sinuses. Athough common in India, at that time Neti pots were still relatively obscure in the UK and not something in the mainstream.

After trying one I immediately felt better and gradually the health problems I had previously been bothered with for so long began to improve.

Our Business

I was so impressed with how such a simple device could provide such good health benefits that I decided to tell other people about it and began supplying Neti pots as a result. Since then interest in Neti pots has soared, thanks in part to all the media attention, and shows like Oprah Winfrey. I can't claim to be responsible for the mainstream popularity of Neti pots, but I was one of the first to begin exclusively supplying Neti pots online.

I was also the first ever seller on eBay to offer Neti pots and my Neti pots are still the most popular on eBay today. Todate I've supplied many thousands of Neti pots and currently regularly export to over 170 countries around the world.

Neti pots and Neti salt sold through this site are packaged to strict hygiene standards in the UK. Ordering your Neti pot and supplies from this site is usually cheaper than elsewhere. I offer the lowest delivery charges online and the fastest delivery times, usually next day delivery for UK customers and under a week to other countries.

I pride myself on providing a fast, friendly customer service no matter how big or small the order, which is why we've grown to be the most popular Neti pot suplier in the UK!

Our Customers

The type of people who buy and use Neti pots come from all backgrounds and walks of life (even a few celebrities!) Some people use them to help protect against the effects of harmful habits such as smoking, while others use them to help with specific health problems or allergies. Some people just enjoy using a Neti pot and find it relaxes them and provides useful health benefits even when there's no underlying health problems.

We regularly get comments from customers praising our Neti pots and the benefits they enjoy from using them. Some customers seem genuinely astonished at the difference using a Neti pot makes!